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Thanks for checkin me out. do I charge for my professional services?

Dollars, Bitcoin or Ethereum

I normally charge by the amount of time that I estimate that a job will take me. My rates are extremely reasonable given that I achieve excellent results for my clients and strive to achieve complete satisfaction. I am always honest and do not promise what I can't deliver and I try my utmost to provide a solution. Jobs often vary widely in complexity and time required, so it is not possible to give a firm quote without seeing the image, however I am happy to give no-obligation free estimate.

Why should you come to me?

I offer my creativity, artistic ability, and skills and strive to achieve the best possible result for my clients. I really enjoy what I do and take enormous pleasure in making something better than it was before, as well as their often very emotional reaction when my clients receive their finished photographs. One of my particular goals is that my clients should always leave completely happy, and I never promise what I can't deliver.

1950s Photograph black & White restored
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